Morse Coded Monologue (BN030720)

Seems, lately, like I've been Running

Although I'm not sure of what & my feet don't feel tired,

but my vessel, always,

in fidgeted function.

Seems I can not stay still.

No longer know what it means, through feeling,

Only feeling like I'm ready for another

made me (finally)


What comes first,

the thought or the notices of it?

Have you noticed something?

Can I know the something.

'cause I notice just how much I'm loving, U.

Never too sure

uncertainty runs from my tainted Truth

I just like to vibe with you.

Feels like joyful grooves

with life.

Vessel, energy and soul, intertwined

& it feels right

Solid, grounded divine

& I try not to question the nice,

so I just let it be.



All over me.

I'd be happy to give.

With journey to live

and lessons to relish in,


Until we meet again,

my joyous friend,

U 'n I

have given in.

The grounds

feels whole here,

no holes here,

just healing.


Our scars are just pods for our light to rest.

A validation of strength.


A sleepiness that depends with hold

the calm


the storm

when everything has slowed & energy is honed in the pit of my heart.



is feeling the ash of the stars,

and realizing that maybe the journey


the fall.

& then falling

in love

with it



So I stop running.

& only then realized

my feet were never even on the ground

to begin with.






Have you noticed something?

The validation of strength?

The sleepiness of comfort?

Can I know your something?

Can we share our somethings?


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